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California auto and truck accident successful lawsuits

The following is a brief list of related verdicts and settlements which the law office of SS&F has obtained on behalf of their clients.

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$5 million settlement

Settlement for an 18 year old who was rendered a quadriplegic as a result of the negligence of a teenage driver who had been served alcohol at a restaurant. A national chain restaurant served a group of teenagers alcohol without carding any of them.

$4.84 million settlement

Middle-aged woman was killed on her bicycle when a tractor-trailer driver violated her right-of- way, leaving her two adult daughters.

$2.25 million settlement

Settlement in an automobile design defect case for a 31-year-old married mother of two who suffered a neck injury and subsequent C-5 quadriplegia. Plaintiff claimed her 1992 mini van defectively designed because of its increased propensity to roll over, its inadequate roof crush resistance, and its defective seat belt system, among other problems. Destructive crash testing supported the plaintiffs allegations. Settlement guaranteed the plaintiff and her family their economic security for life.

$2 million settlement

56 year old man was killed in a head-on collision on Highway 152/Pacheco Pass by another driver under the influence of methamphetamines. The family was successful in their lawsuit against CalTrans, alleging that CalTrans was responsible for failing to install a median barrier which would have prevented the collision.

$1.8 million settlement

Settlement for a man who sustained head injuries in an auto truck accident in Los Banos, California. The trucker failed to operate his rig in a safe fashion causing it to strike an automobile. The man suffered multiple head injury defects including memory loss, inability to concentrate or multi-task.

$1.75 million settlement

39-year-old man who suffered a back injury in a car crash resulting in an L4-5 fusion surgery.

$1.6 million settlement

Verdict against the City of Santa Cruz for the family of a man killed when a group of panicked horses collided with his truck on the freeway. The city failed to adequately secure a gate which allowed the horses to get free.


A professional caddy, sustained knee and ankle injuries when thrown from a golf cart being operated by his billionaire client.

$1.5 million settlement

A 56 year-old truck driver was killed on an Interstate in Arizona when an eighteen-wheel truck traveling in the opposite direction crossed the center median causing a head-on collision between two trucks traveling 70 mph. All three occupants of both trucks were instantly killed. The wife and three adult children brought a wrongful death action against the trucking company who employed the trucker who crossed the median barrier. The accident occurred in Arizona and lawsuit was brought in Federal Court in Phoenix Arizona.

$1.35 million settlement

Settlement against PG&E and the county of Santa Cruz for injuries sustained by a man and woman when their car struck a utility pole in Watsonville. The pole had been placed in an unsafe position near the roadway where it was foreseeable that a vehicle could strike it.

$1.2 million settlement

Settlement for a man injured in a head-on collision in Santa Cruz County. The at-fault driver lost control of his vehicle while driving in the rain. $1.02 million settlement Settlement for a couple who were involved in a high-speed automobile accident with a newspaper carrier. The force of the accident caused the wife to lose her 8 month old fetus.

$1 Million settlement

Settlement for 55 year old man who suffered a closed head injury in an automobile accident.

$1 million settlement

Settlement on the first day of trial for a man who was severely injured while working for Davy Tree Company. The large tree cutting truck had a brake repair job done a day before. During the brake repair job the mechanic put in the brakes backwards which resulted in all of the brake fluid leaking out of the truck. As the truck came down a steep hill after doing a job, the driver lost the brakes and the victim had to jump out of the truck while it was careening out of control down a hill, suffering major injuries.

$825k settlement

Settlement for a woman who lost her leg in an automobile accident. A defendant driver negligently stuck the passenger side of the vehicle after running a stop sign.

$750,000 settlement

Settlement for the surviving adult children of a man killed in an airplane crash in San Jose, California. The pilot had failed to perform an adequate pre-check of the plane which would have revealed a defect in a major component.

$602,000 settlement

Verdict against a King City Trucking Company for head injuries sustained by a woman in an auto/truck accident on Highway 101 in Monterey, California. The trucker had jack-knifed his rig across the highway at night without adequate reflectors on the truck.

$600,000 settlement

Settlement for a woman who was injured by a junior high school principal on her way home from work. Although the principal was on her way home, the School District accepted responsibility for the accident.

$525,000 settlement

Settlement for the family of a woman killed in an auto/truck accident on Highway 101 in Monterey County, California.


Developmentally disabled adult sustained injury while in a vehicle driven by his hired caretaker who engaged in a drag race.

$525,000 settlement

Settlement with Burger King in Capitola, CA for a young boy who was injured in the parking lot. A trucker got impatient with traffic on 41st Avenue and tried to cut through the Burger King parking lot to get to his destination. In his rush the trucker failed to see a young boy crossing the parking lot. The young boy suffered major injuries which were complicated by the fact that he was a hemophiliac.

$500,000 settlement

A drywaller was on his way back to his employer’s construction yard when another commercial truck lost control of his vehicle while exiting I-880. The defendant struck the plaintiff head-on causing a low back injury which resulted in an artificial disk having to be put in the low back. Plaintiff had to be retrained to do different work than drywall because of his injuries.


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