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CSFW success stories

We have helped many victimized clients find justice in the courts

The following is a brief list of interesting verdicts and settlements which the law office of SS&F has obtained on behalf of their clients. These exemplar cases cover a wide range of ways in which individuals and small businesses can be severely injured or defrauded.

While they are designed to demonstrate the many ways in which SS&F can creatively and effectively assist individuals in their fight for justice, they do not represent any guarantee of recovery by you. Any such claim would be impossible.

Instead, these cases represent how a solid relationship between a dedicated, hard-working law firm and an honorable, victimized client can find justice in our court system.

Our success stories

The defendants include insurance companies, child molesters, negligent big rig drivers, financial institutions, negligent auto manufacturers, governmental agencies, and mismanaged medical bureaucracies.

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Are You Eligible for Compensation?

If you have suffered an injury in a vehicle accident or any other type of traumatic event, you may be eligible to receive compensation for the damages you have endured. Liable parties may be required to compensate victims for medical expenses, loss of income, or earning potential, and pain and suffering.

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  • $8.9 Million

    Elder Abuse

    A nursing home is held accountable for wrongful death

  • $2.85 million

    Product Liability

    Taser International held accountable for brain damage

  • $4.5 million

    Wrongful Death

    Train conductor held liable for texting

  • $5 million

    Car Accident

    DUI renders 18 year old quadriplegic

  • $3.5 million

    Brain Injury

    Landlord held responsible for carbon monoxide poisoning

  • $1.5 million

    Pedestrian Accident

    School teacher hit by car and suffered brain injury

  • $1.12 Million

    Child Sexual Abuse

    A retired fireman is held accountable

  • $1.1 Million

    Bicycle Accident

    23 year old’s bicycle collided with truck in intersection

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