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Bicycle and pedestrian accident successful lawsuits

The following is a brief overview of related verdicts and settlements which the law office of SS&F has obtained on behalf of their clients.

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$4.84 million settlement

Middle-aged woman riding her bicycle to work in Fremont, California was killed by a tractor-trailer. Her two adult children were compensated for the loss of their mother.

$2 million settlement

David Fulton and David Spini won a three-week trial against UC Santa Cruz. The case involved a UCSC shuttle bus that turned into a bicyclist traveling down a hill in a bike lane at dusk. UCSC contended that the bicyclist could not be seen because it was dark and he was riding without a bike light. After a hard fought three-week trial the jury decided by a vote of eleven to one that the shuttle bus driver made a right turn without using his blinker, which caused him to strike the bicyclist as he came down the hill towards the main entrance to UCSC. The jury came back with a two million dollar award to compensate the bicyclist for the major injuries he suffered in the accident.

$1.5 million settlement

Settlement for a school teacher who suffered a brain injury while walking with her four year old son when a parent dropping off her child accidentally pressed the accelerator in her car rather than the brake. The car then struck a fence post which in turn struck the client causing her head injury.

$1.1 million settlement

Settlement for 23 year old who suffered a brain injury when his bicycle collided with a pickup truck in a dark intersection. Utility company failed to maintain the streetlight at the intersection in working condition, thus creating a dangerous condition.


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