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product liability lawsuit success stories

The following is a brief list of related verdicts and settlements which the law office of SS&F has obtained on behalf of their clients.

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$2.85 million settlement

A mentally ill and severely inebriated middle aged man refused to get off a Santa Cruz Metro bus in Watsonville after being told by the driver to leave. When the Watsonville Police arrived, an officer used a Taser X-26 electronic control device to subdue the client, discharging the stun gun three times. After the shock, the client went into cardiac arrest, rendering him unconscious for eighteen minutes and causing anoxic encephalopathy, a brain injury resulting in memory loss and decreased mobility, requiring attendant care. It is notable in that Taser International has claimed to have never offered or paid a dime in any products liability action alleging injury or death to a criminal suspect until this case: until this case.

$2.25 million settlement

Settlement in an automobile design defect case for a 31-year-old married mother of two who suffered a neck injury and subsequent C-5 quadriplegia. Plaintiff claimed her 1992 mini van defectively designed because of its increased propensity to roll over, its inadequate roof crush resistance, and its defective seat belt system, among other problems. Destructive crash testing supported the plaintiffs allegations. Settlement guaranteed the plaintiff and her family their economic security for life.

$625,000 settlement

Recovery for a middle-aged man who underwent reconstructive knee surgery using infected donor tissue, resulting in multiple surgeries and ultimately a knee replacement. The lawsuit was brought against the tissue bank which provided the tainted allograft tissue.

$500,000 settlement

Settlement for the surviving spouse in an automotive design defect case against General Motors involving a defectively designed fuel tank. General Motors negligently designed their trucks by placing the fuel tank outside the main frame of the truck.

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  • $8.9 Million

    Elder Abuse

    A nursing home is held accountable for wrongful death

  • $2.85 million

    Product Liability

    Taser International held accountable for brain damage

  • $4.5 million

    Wrongful Death

    Train conductor held liable for texting

  • $5 million

    Car Accident

    DUI renders 18 year old quadriplegic

  • $3.5 million

    Brain Injury

    Landlord held responsible for carbon monoxide poisoning

  • $1.5 million

    Pedestrian Accident

    School teacher hit by car and suffered brain injury

  • $1.12 Million

    Child Sexual Abuse

    A retired fireman is held accountable

  • $1.1 Million

    Bicycle Accident

    23 year old’s bicycle collided with truck in intersection

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